Welcome to KIDapp!


Welcome to KIDapp! We are glad that you found our site and hope you visit often.

This page will be devoted to topics dealing with kids, designed to offer insight and advice to parents as well as childcare and educational professionals.  Please be advised that while we hope you find the information presented useful and timely, no online advice can replace one-on-one discussions with a doctor or therapist if you have a concern about your child or a child in your care.

Upcoming topics will include behavior management, positive vs. negative reinforcement, positive phrasing, kids & technology...to name a few coming soon.  If you have an idea or topic that you would like to see appear on KIDapp, please contact us with your request.  Articles will begin appearing December 2016, so watch for your suggestion in an upcoming month.

In the meantime, please explore the rest of our site for other services we offer.  Check back often as we are just getting started and new services are continually being evaluated and added.  KIDapp is applying child development in today's world for all our children's tomorrows.

Take some time today to play!

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